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                                 Site:The Other Mistress(Kaolinite shrine) 
                                 Owner: Andrea 
                                 Fish:  (Maximum amt of fisheye's  is five) 
     This is the first Kaolinite shrine I had ever heard of so I expected big things.What I got was a very 
cute kind of funky page that reflected the designers sometimes wierd sense of humor^_^.The main 
page was very well done with a cool manga image of kaolinite in the middle and some text links 
on the right and left.The design was something I had never quite seen before.She also has some 
very nice homemade graphics which showed alot of effort 
      All of her sub pages have the same layout with a border background and a title graphic that 
looks like it was made from the border background.Everything sort of matches and fits together 
nicely.One thing I'd advise her to do would be to make all of her subpages have a link back to 
her index site,I could'nt find a link  back anywhere.Ok,now lets look around a the Basics 
section.It's just basically a basic run down of the basic story of how sailormoon is basically  
made(I'd better stop now o_0!).I did'nt get why this section was here,though cause it was kinda 
off topic.It would have better been suited to a general sailormoon page rather than a shrine. 
      Next we move forward to the History and the Qualities pages.I hav'nt seen all of BSSMS 
but the info looks legit to me and she puts it forth in away that's easily understandable.The 
Qualities page was just an opinion page where she states a little bit about Kaolinite and  
what kind of person she is.The opinions were interesting and it was nice to learn a little of 
why she picked the character. 
         The Household page was very nice.To make it easier loading she has thumbnails 
of all the pics there.She also describes the characters that are "partners in crime",otherwise 
known as the members of her "household".This section was creative and different which is 
always a big plus.There is also a section of a complete list of daimons on the Daimons 
page,yet another thing I hav'nt seen before. 
         Okies,time for the eye candy!The image gallery did'nt have many images but the 
one's she had were properly thumbnailed and pretty cute.The Finding her section was 
also something new.She has some links on where to find fansubs of the S season.The 
credits page looked pretty complete and everyone who needed credit given got a link 
as a sort of thank you. 
          Last but not least,the about me and links sections!There was not much about her 
on the about me section but what there was made you want more.I guess it's the "keep  
em wanting more" philosophy^_^.The same philosophy was used on the links page which  
did'nt have alot of links.I suggest she get more links but other than that both pages looked 
        All in all a very cool site that is sometime's funky,sometimes funny,and sometimes 
downright wierd!I had no real complaints except for the linkback on the sub pages and 
I thought the graphics on the subpages shoyld have been more Kaolinite oriented.This 
page shows great promise.And it also made me interested to learb more of the character 
which is what a good shrine is supposed to do.