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 Just a little info about Hawks Eye's partners..ect.. 
 Fish Eye:Probably the most populer of the Amazon Trio.He likes men 
 better than women and is very cool^_^He yearned for a beautiful dream 
 and got it in the end.He turns back into a fish. 
 Tigers Eye:The ladies man!I liked him until he messed with one of my  
 fav senshi,Sailor Jupiter.He likes younger women and is constantly 
 debating with Hawky over which is better:Young or Old women.He  
 turns back into a tiger when he and the other members of the Amazon 
 Trio sacrifice their last wish to save Usagi. 
 Zirconia:I am not exactly sure if what he/she is gender wise but it 
 bosses over the Amazon Trio and generally acts wierd.I like the 
 shadows in its dress that looks like a face,very nice.It is one of 
 the scariest villains in the series.(I could'nt find a picture of her 
 but as soon as I get one I'll put it up).