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Site:Dark Angel's Evolution 
Owner: Dark Angel 
Fish:     (Maximum amt of fisheye's  is five)
       Dark Angels Evolution....I liked the name from the start^_^.The main page 
was simple with a text map on the left and a transparent gif on the right.I liked the 
guestbook buttons and the background was interesting.All of the pages had basically 
the same design,a kind of text map on the left and the content on the right with cute 
title graphics made from a sailormoon video game. 
       Now we come to the all important profiles page!The text links leading to the profiles were beside really kawaii SM KISS  images.The profiles all had the same layout,a pic of the senshi on the right with a animated gif on the bottom.I was dissapointed to find that the profiles only had the same old stats that practically everyone else has and little or no real information.She did have some opinions on the senshi,though that was sometimes interesting.I suggest she gets some more info but all around the profiles were pretty good. 
      The Image gallery was'nt up yet but there is a notice up that it will be there  
after renovations.I liked the music and video rooms where you can hear,see,and sometimes even smell.....well..I can is....nevermind!She has a  
very cool NA summery of the first 2 seasons of SailorMoon which she credits as 
being written by someone else.I liked the layout on the page with the screen shots melding in with the story so if you get bored with reading you always have 
something to look at^_^ 
      The survey was kinda fun but some of the questions were a bit too trite.Like the who's the prettiest senshi,and who has the best hair.She should've picked some questions that  were different from what everyone else has.The links page had a 
very cool section where you could add your own link.The banners on her link me page were cool,too.Her awards given were interesting and showed that some effort had been put into making them. 
      My favorite part of the page was the about me page which was a sort of 
fanfic about herself as a senshi.The images of her in anime form were very well done and the info was creative.The animated gif of herself as a senshi was so cool! 
     I'd say this page was pretty good,everything fits together nicely and looks 
well done though I would advise her to get more info and get those image galleries  
done.I give this site 2 1/2  fish!