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     Sailor ChibiChibi: 
     Favorite Colors:Yellow and Red  

          Not much is known about Chibi Chibi.She is the youngest of the senshi and does not have 
 any attacks of her own but did give Sailor Moon one by touching her tiara(Silver Moon Crystal
 Power Kiss).Chibi  Chibi can teleport,revive,and turn into a sword.She loves donuts and can 
 only say chibi chibi in the anime(in the manga she talks).Chibi Chibi falls from the sky holding
 an umbrella(does'nt that sound just the tiniest bit  superkalafragalisticesk?).She was made by 
 Sailor Galaxia from a star seed.Chibi Chibi's true form is Sailor Cosmos(in the manga).She was 
 made as a light of hope for the galaxy.Chibi means little so Chibi Chibi actually means little little.

 My Opinion:   
 "Sailor ChibiChibi is cute and that's about all.ChibiChibi does'nt have alot of real depth in the
 anime and I hav'nt read the manga so I don't really know her all that well.She's like a big 'ol
 suger cookie!"