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     Sailor Chibi-Usa: 
     Name:Tsukino Usagi(Chibi Usa) 
     Birthday:June 30   
     Favorite Colors:Pink and Red  
     Blood Type:O   
     Hobbies:Drawing and Playing,collecting rabbit paraphernalia   

      Chibi Usa is the future daughter of Sailor Moon. She's cute but  she can be annoying,especially 
 to the Sailor Moon she visits in the past.Chibi has a pure heart even though she can seem a bit
 spoiled.She first appeared in the R season,the second part,and her  mission was to find the silver  
 crystal.She drove Sailor Moon crazy because she used her Luna Ball to hypnotize Usagi's family
 into believing Chibi was and had always been a part of it.It turned out  that the crystal was inside 
 Chibi Usa all the time.Chibi used it to help Sailor Moon defeat  the Wiseman.  
     Chibi is also one of the coolest villians on Sailor Moon.The Wiseman convinced her she was
 unloved so she turned into Wicked(Black) Lady,who is one of my all time fav villians.I like the
 good guy turned bad better that the just plain bad guy.Sailor Moon is finally able to convince 
 Chibi that the Wiseman twisted her good memories to suit his own dark needs.Chibi  also has
 a romantic relationship with (H)Elios,Pegasus in human form.I like Chibi because she's brave 
 and true and never seems to lose her air of sweetness and innocence.Her name means Rabbit
 of the Moon which is wierd because she dislikes carrots!Her names are:Tsukino Usagi(Chibi Usa),
 Small Lady,Black(Wicked)Lady, TeeniRini, Sailor Chibi Moon,and Super Sailor Chibi Moon.  


Twinkle Yell: 
This is a cool attack where Chibi sticks her twinkle bell 
and says "Twinkle Yell".This calls on Pegasus to protect 
everyone's dreams.Pegasus's golden horn activates 
Moon's Kaleidscope.This is the first half of Moon Gorgeous 
Pink Sugar Heart Attack: 
Chibi has a mini heart spiral  rod which shoots out little 
hearts which inflict pain on the enemy.She uses it more 
as a distraction than a serious attack. 

Luna P-ball: 
Chibi Usa uses this to communicate with other senshi. 
It can also change into things that Chibi Usa wants.It 
is a round ball with antenna on it.It looks alot like the 
guardian cat,Luna. 

My Opinion:   
"I don't really like Chibi Usa but she does
have some instances where I adore her!In
the manga when she threatens Usagi
with a gun to her head and orders her to
hand over the crystal and then later we
find the gun was just a trick gun!Now,
that is one of the few times I really liked