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****^_^,just a little note before you read:Most of this is a complete spinoff from the SailorMoon series and only the characters are the same,also this sis after the Sailor Stars season****

***we open on a scene of Elios sipping tea while fish eye files his nails***  
Elios:"I have felt a disruption in Elysion these past days as if a great evil cloud were floating 
above us" 
Fish Eye:"You know Elios,you need to stop worrying so much......your probably just missing the 
pink bunny" 
Elios:"I have missed Small Lady but that's not it,I can't help feeling that something bad is going 
to happen" 
***"Boo!"Elios jumps and tuens around to see Hawks Eye grinning at him*** 
Hawk Eye:"I got ya good!" 
Elios:"Yeah,yeah and where's the third stooge?" 
Hawk Eye:"I think he's trying to seduce some nymphs or something." 
Elios:"Hmmmm,I'd better go.I'm supposed to meet Small Lady for lunch" 
***Hawk Eye and Fish Eye start singing Elios and Small Lady sitting in the tree...*** 
Elios:"Grow up,and where did you learn that song anyway?Your supposed to be animals not humans!" 
Fish Eye:"We're humans now,and Minako taught us" 
Elios:"Minako?I'll have to thank her later" 
Fish Eye:"And tell that gorgeous Mamoru I said Hi!" 
***Elios rolled his eyes*** 
Elios:"You'll never give up." 
***We open next at a small cafe where Elios and Small Lady are having lunch*** 
Elios:"Small Lady,have you felt anything in your dreams,like maybe something bad?" 
Small Lady:"Yes I did....I had this dream where I was in a kind of hurricane made of dark energy" 
***They are interupted by a swirl of black energy,the swirl forms into a tall thin man dressed in black,he has dark purple hair and a decoration on his forehead just like elios's.Elios stepps in front of Small Lady*** 
Elios:"Chihaya!What do you thing you are doing?" 
Chihaya:"Why,brother dear I just came to warn you....I will be taking over Elysion and the Golden  
Crystal.You will no longer be the one with the power." 
Elios:"I thought you were dead" 
Chihaya:"That's what I wanted you to think and now I think I'll take a little insurance so noone opposes me when I take Elysion!" 
***Chihaya throws a beam of dark energy in Elios's eyes and when he opens them he sees that Chihaya has Small Lady in his arms*** 
Elios:"Let her go!" 
Chiyhaha:"I don't think so.....come to  Castle on planet Hell with the Golden Crystal or you'll never 
see the girl again"
***Chihaya smiles and dissapears in a cloud of black energy*** 
Elios:"You will regret this,my brother,yes you will" 

Okies this is how far I got on this,I will be adding more and more of it and should be finished sometime(hopefully)in the near future