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 This is just a wierd littlle game I thought up.The rules are simple: I will give you 5 clues about our mystery senshi's identity,when youare ready to guess you move on to the next stage by clicking a link,if you guessed wrong you have to start all over again(no cheating).If you guessed right I'll award you with a cute animated gif of the mystery senshi.Sounds familiar,right?^_^.Ok,now on with da show!  

Welcome to Guess..............That.............Senshi!"  
 (crowd cheering)  

         "Now lets get on to our first clue:This senshi's sign is Aqarius"  
         Do you think you know who it is already?You sure know your senshi!  
         "The second clue is:This senshi's fav food rhyms with palid"  

         Do you know now?  

         "The third clue is:This senshi's name means Distant Blank King"  
         Ready to guess?  
        " The fourth clue is:This senshi is the tallest senshi"  
         Think you know?  

          "The fifth and final clue is a visual clue:Look at this warped piccy:"  

           Can you guess who it is?  

         "Hope ya'll all won and had some fun^_^!"