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                       First off:you can choose up to three characters to play but be sure 
                to not bite off more than you can chew.If you don't think you can handle 
                more than one character don't sign up for them.If you wish to submit a 
                character you made up make sure you've thought the character through. 
                I will not accept any half baked characters with no depth,no soul. 
                  The first thing you need to do is look on the characters page and find 
                the character you want(or submit your made up one to me).Then click 
                on the join link and fill out the form there.After that,I will contact you with 
                the schedual.The way I'm setting this up is that every two weeks I'll make 
                up a schedual for the e-mails.Example:Super Sailor Moon starts off: 
           Usagi:"Oh my the roses smell sweet today!" 
           She looks over at Makoto and hands her a rose. 
                Then Super Sailor Moon looks at the schedual and sees she has to 
           email Super Sailor Jupiter next.She emails Jupiter the message and 
          Jupiter writes: 
        Makoto smells the rose and smiles brilliantly. 
        Makoto:" does smell good" 
             Then Jupiter looks at the schedual and sees she has to email Mercury next. 
          You see how it the end we have a kind of group fanfic which 
          I'll be posting for all to read!I'm also going to have a message board and 
          maybe a chat room too.That's it.If you have any questions email me


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