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The Hug a Villain campaign is my brainchild^_^.Basically it's just a grouping of 
good villain sites promoting love for the villains.Now on to the good stuff:

      Have you hugged your friendly(or not so friendly) villain today?No?Why not go out
and hug Professor Tomoe(what a cutie!),Ashram(Record of Lodoss),or Galaxia!They
really need love just like everyone else.You know villains rarely have a trauma free
childhood so come on,let's go hug a villain today.Show your love for the dark side!
Join HAV  today,just send me your site name and url and paste the following
html onto your page:

<A HREF="">
<IMG SRC="" ALT="The Hug a Villain
Campaign!" BORDER=0></A>

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