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     Sailor Jupiter: 
     Name:Kino Makoto
     Birthday:December 5 
     Favorite Colors:green and pink 
     Blood Type:O  
     Hobbies:Cooking and bargain hunting 

        One tough cookie,with a heart of melted butter.Sometimes flakey(with boys) but always a
 loyal bud.She is mostly affiliated with the element of earth and her character seems very down 
 to earth.When the other three senshi's were trying  to oust Sailor Moon from the captain position
 she stood up for Sailor Moon.It seems like Makoto has had a million boyfriends and  every cute 
 guy she meets reminds her of one of them(Freddy).She is an expert in martial arts and can kick 
 major butt.She  is also a master chef.I can just picture her conjuring up a supreme meal and at 
 the same time kicking some Negatrash butt! 
         In her past life she was princess of  the planet Jupiter which is the biggest planet in the
 solar system.I guess that's why sometimes she seems bigger than life.Makoto is a lovely person
 with a sweet  personality (unless provoked)and she fiercly protects those she loves,as do all the
 senshi.If she were here now I have no doubt she'd be saying"Hurry up,finish this.....we have places
 to go,things to do"so.......that's it*grin*  


Jupiter Thunder Crash: 
Sailor Jupiter says"Jupiter Thunder" and gathers 
thunderbolts with her antenna on her tiara.Then 
she says"Crash" and throws the thunderbolts at 
her enemy. 
Jupiter Thunder Dragon: 
Jupiter gathers lightning and releases it in the 
form of a thunder dragon which she points at 
the enemy. 
Jupiter Thunderclap Zap: 
Jupiter throws lightning in the shape of a spinning 
discus at the enemy. 
Jupiter Oak Evolution:  Sailor Jupiter gatheres 
electrified leaves around her and then releases 
 them at the opponent. 

My Opinion:   
"Sailor Jupiter is a typical earthmother type and I
have no doubt that if she was'nt a senshi she
would be a housewife.Makoto kind of glows
with an inner happiness that's very cool.She
is my favorite inner senshi because she is
the kindest and the sweetest^_^"