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The Many Faces of Tuxedo Kamen
Anime                                     Manga
Sweet little pic of Mamoru as a young child

Soft looking Mamoru,very small pic

Mamoru holding his head as pretty multicolored strands offf light come off of it.

Tsukikage no Knight standing on a tree

Tsukikage no Knight revealing his true face

The Future King Endymion surrounded by some fog

Prince Endymion looking quite dashing

Evil Prince Endymion looking sinister 

An extremly beautiful head shot of Mamoru surrounded by  golden lights

Full body pic of Kamen

A really beautiful pic of Kamen with a white rose in hand and his mask off

A cute head shot of tuxie

Pretty profile shot of kamen

Cute black and white of Mamoru holding a Tuxedo kamen doll

Elegant b&w of Tuxedo Kamen

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