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        You Know You Like Sailor Moon Too Much When...........
                              You've seen em before and now the nexus has one......a you know 
                         you watch too much SM list. This is in no particuler order,and if you 
                         have anything you'd like to add,e-mail me. 

        10)You start to mumble"fighting evil by moonlight,winning love by daylight.."in  
               your  sleep 
           9)You have more than twenty things in your room that are sailor moon related 
            8)You find yourself staring into the mirror and using your hairbrush as a "Moon  
             7)You get "really" cranky withought a daily dose of Sailor Moon 
              6)You start to think those little sailor suits are a major fashion "do" and 
                 dress like that every day. 
               5)You spend more than seven hours a day surfing SM sites on the net 
                4)You start to wear your hear in two "meatballs" like usagi 
                 3)You spend more than 100 dollars a week on SM merchandise(hey,
                     it could happen!) 
                   2)You can think of  these ten reasons faster than me 
                     1)You get into Sailor Moon roleplaying in a big way.The mailman 
                        suddenly turns into Prince Diamond,and the cashier at the local
                         video store looks alot like Queen  Beryl 


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