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I was just surfing along peacfully on the web when I spotted a
link saying:Very scary pictures.This was on a Sailor Mercury site
so I wondered what could be so terrible.As soon as the first picture
loaded I gasped in horror.Was this what they think we want?A 40 yr
old buck toothed woman with a big plastic wig?Then I learned that
this was shown over the Thanksgiving hollidays.Instead of playing
the Sailor Moon says part at the end of each episode they showed
this crap.I am so very happy that I did'nt have
of watching all of this travesty.They could have at least died the woman's
hair blond so we would'nt have to stare at that wig!After all of this time
when the loyal moonies have been waiting for just a taste of a live action
version of sailor moon this is what we get?Arg!I'd better go before I
start offending the younger surfers and make my site X rated!Why
don't ya'll email me with what you think of the live action"Sailor Moon"
and I'll post it here?