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     Sailor Mars:
     Name(japanese):Hino Rei  
     Birthday:April 17 
     Blood Type:AB 
     Hobbies:reading and fortunetelling  
     Colors:Red and Black 
          The bossy,mysterious one.She loves to be in charge of  everything  and everyone.In her past life 
 she was princess of the planet Mars.Rei is connected  to the element of fire since most of  her powers 
 come from it.She has a sort of  love interest with the wanna be rock singer who works at her fathers   
 temple, Chaz, but she pretends to not like him.I think it's because he is such a wimp. Rei could'nt lloveanyone she did'nt respect and she does not respect Chaz  because he does'nt stand up to her. 
 At first I did not like her much,I thought she was too mean but later I recognized that she has the  
 heart of a true hero.Rei is driven and very focused on getting what she wants and protecting those 
 she loves.She has more of a mysterious aura in the manga. I like her determination  which she as 
 plenty of.She'd be the first  to tell you where to get off and also  the first to admit she was wrong or    
 say she was sorry.Most of the time she is ragging on Usagi but she really gets along with everyone 
 else.I read the manga and liked her more in the manga than the anime,she seemed more grownup 
 and mature.Her two crows also play a bigger part in the manga which I liked.
Mars Fire Ignite: 
Mars cocks her fingers like a gun and says"Mars Fire" then she says"Ignite" and a fireball shoots out at the enemy. 
Mars Celestial Fire Surround: 
Creates rings of fire that Sailor Mars directs at the opponent. 
Mars Firebird Strike: 
Sailor Mars creates a pheonix made of fire which attacks the enemy. 
Mars Flame Sniper: 
This is so cool!This is my favorite power of hers.She shoots an arrow made of fire at the enemy. 
Mars Firestorm Flash: 
Creates a continuous stream of fire 
Raye uses small mystic scrolls which she charges then throws at the enemy.It either paralizes or deposseses them.They also ward off evil which would be useful while watching Barney^_^
 "The Senshi of Fire is one of my favorite
characters.Her bossy,somewhat confrontational personality is what distincts her from all of the
senshi but her pure and brave heart is what makes
her special.I guess in this case you must say that
her bark is worse than her bite although when Rei is really needed you can always count on her.I think she's afraid of her softer emotions, afraid they'll show she has weaknesses and Rei wants to be strong at all times.Rei is a tomboy and her dream is to be a priestess.One of my fav characters are her two ravens."