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     Sailor Mercury: 
     Name:Mizuno Ami 
     Birthday:September 10 
     Favorite Colors:aquamarine,light blue 

        The brains of the operation.Ami is deeply connected with the element of water  because 
 most of her powers stem from it.She is the most mature person on Sailor Moon,much more
 mature than her young age would make her seem.Ami is a deeply focused girl. Even when
 she is playing with her friends and having fun she is always focused on her goals.She has a
 small computer that,from what I can gather,is a mini supercomputer.It is'nt magic or anything,
 it has it's limitations,but it can process huge amounts of  data.She also has a pair of VR 
 goggles that allow her to see things invisable to the naked eye.  
         Ami was actually the third scout to be found but the second to appear in the series.
 Sailor Moon found met her when she transferred to her school.She was somewhat put off 
 by Ami's brains but soon discovered Ami's sweetness and kindness.She does'nt have a steady
 love interest but she does like another boy.He is a fellow "brain" and he carried one of the 
 rainbow crystals inside him.Her mother is a doctor and she lives in a mansion.She also wants
 to be a doctor when she grows up. 


Mercury Bubbles Blast: 
Mercury says"Mercury Bubbles" and crosses her arms
over her chest then she releases her arms and says"blast" 
and the bubbles shoot  out forming a fog that confuses the
enemy.It also drops the temperature. 
Mercury Bubbles  Freeze: 
She says this to use her bubbles to freezes the enemy. 
Mercury Ice Storm Splash: 
Says this to generate a massive freezing attack.It freezes 
the enemy and objects to keep them from moving. 
Mercury aqua Rhapsody: 
Super Sailor Mercury's attack. 
Mercury Aqua Mirage: 
Super Sailor Mercury's attack. 

My Opinion:   
"Sailor Mercury is a pretty,smart and sweet.I
like her because she never makes anyone
feel bad because she is smarter than them
and she really works hard for everything
she gets.Sometimes I think she should
standup for herself more but most of the
time she is levelheadedand knows what
she wants"