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     Sailor Neptune: 
     Name:Michiru Kaioh 
     Birthday:March 6,1978   
     Favorite Color:Marine Blue 
     Blood Type:O 
     Hobbies:Collecting cosmetics,playing the violin,

      The elegant senshi if the sea,Sailor Neptune,is by far one of the most beautiful of senshi.Her
 name means Complete Ocean Ruler. She is very brave and talented.Michiru is Sailor Uranus's 
 partner both as a senshi and a lover.She carries the Aqua Mirror,one of the three talismans.Of 
 all the senshi she most reminds me of a princess,loyal,elegant,and brave.She is the "brains" of
 the outer senshi,always thinking before acts.Michiru is very reserved and almost inseperable from
 her  partner Haruka.  
      Sometimes Michiru can seem to passive(especially around Haruka),and content to let the tides 
 of destiny ebb and flow with their will.She also seems to dependant on Haruka.I really like Sailor  
 Neptune,mostly because she is so elegant and regal.And I like that Michiru is brave and loyal.
 Really,all you can say about Michiru is that she is good at what she does,and everything she
 does she  does with style.Her seiyuu(voice) is done by Katsuki Masako.She is really smart and
 very good with academics.She seems kind of vain but she really is a very nice person.Michiru is 
 well rounded and gentle.


Deep Submerge: 
Creates a ball of glowing blue energy resembling planet 
Neptune which has the force of a tidal wave.She raises 
her hands up and we see the ocean tide  rise as streams
of water fly to form the ball of energy.She then pushes the
energy ball out and it races towards the target.This is often
towering above the air. 
Submarine Reflection: 
She turns collects water colored energy with her Aqua Mirror 
A beam of light  shoots out of it and hits at the enemy. 
(Deep)Aqua Mirror: 
A  pretty green  and gold mirror with a curved handle.It 
can be used to see the truth and destroy anything that 
is false. 

My Opinion:   
"Sailor Neptune is elegant,a real lady with
many talents.I admire her very much and
she reminds me delicate flower that bends
in the storm but never breaks.Michiru
is the perfect mate for Haruka,she shines
with the bright light of truth and justice.As
you can see,I can wax poetic about
Michiru forever so I better stop now^_^"