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   This year the Sailor Moon Olympics will be hosted in Elysion!The Sailor 
Moon Olympics is made up of five teams:The Inner Senshi Team,The Outer 
Senshi Team,The VilliansTeam1(from BSSM,BSSMR,and BSSMS),The  
Villians Team 2(from BSSMSuperS and BSSM Sailor Stars),and The 
Other Character Team(elios,chibi usa,tuxedo kamen,naru(molly),and  
a guest from another anime which will be different for every event).There  
will be many events and unlike the "reguler Olympics"we will have both 
the summer and winter games at the same time.There will be a gold metal, 
a silver metal,and a bronze metal for each event.I am the head announcer, 
creater,ect........Before the games start I am holding auditions for more 
announcers.I need about five more announcers who can help out.Your  
duties will mostly be helping me announce the contests.If you are  
interested email me a sample paragraph of one of the events,you can  
make it any event you want and it can be between any 2 people from   
any two teams,it does'nt have to be much,just a small paragraph^_^.