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an interview with chibi-usa
ss=sailor shenseicu-chibi-usa
sailor shinsei:"so.....Chibi Usa,what is it like doing a show with Usagi?" 
chibi usa:"It's the pits,she's always stealing my candies,making me do her chores,and honing in on my time with Mamoru but she's my mom and 
sometimes she can be pretty cool." 
sailor shinsei:"hmm,and what is mamoru really like under that cape?" 
chibi usa:"He's like a total dork"::giggles::"He just sits around all day and reads and watches star treck reruns. 
sailor shinsei:"What about your relationship with elios?Is that still going good?" 
chibi usa::blushes:::"Yeah,it's going pretty good but I don't want to talk about it,ok?" 
sailor shinsei:"OK,fine with me.How do you feel about the relationship between Michiru and Haruka?" 
chibi usa:"Whaa?"::looks confused::"I feel just fine,they're really good friends" 
sailor shinsei:"Is your training as a senshi coming along pretty well?" 
chibi usa:"Yeah and pretty soon I'll be as good a senshi as sailor moon,which is'nt hard"::laughs:: 
sailor shinsei:"I just have one more question,do you ever see Peruru(SailorMoon SuperS Movie) anymore?There are alot of young ladies who want to know::smiles:: 
chibi usa:"Yes now and again I do see him and ladies,he's still free::grins:: 
~~The End~~ 
Next Month:Sailor Mercury
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