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a monthly column on the mind of the villian
      This is a monthly column on the mind,motivation ect...of the sailormoon villian and since this month's issue is on chibi usa it 
seems only right to phsycoanalize Black Lady.I am the resident I mean expert on the pshycotic mind,Dr.Evil^_^ 

        Black Lady is'nt black in appearance but in mind.Her feelings of being unloved and being not enough of a woman
and too much of a little girl were easily exploited to make 
her turn to evil.The symbolic way her crescent moon turns
from a yellow happy kind of smiling image to a somber black
frowning image shows alot about the fact that she feels
depressed and unloved.It is only when she confronts her
feelings and realizes that she can grow up by not acting 
the villian anymore and that she is loved that she can 
overcome(but not lose)her deep feelings of anger and 
hatred that she is once again a "good guy".

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