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Why Elios is perfect for Small Lady
   Elios is perfect for Small Lady for a number of reasons.The first is that  he is   very calm so he balances out Small Lady's perky bounciness.The next reason
is that Elios will never hurt Small Lady,he will treat her as well as any            
beautiful dream that it is his duty to guard.The next reason is that any time    Small Lady is down he can give her a ride on pegasus  ^_^(that's the one I      like!).He's the sweetest,cutest,the absolute best  guy Small Lady has ever       
fallen in love with and he makes her want to be a "real" lady,and a better      person.Another reason is Elios lives in Elysion and Small Lady could live      
with him,Elysion is the primest piece of real estate ever,who would'nt want   
to live in the land of dreams?I guess that's all for now,I will add more as       
more comes to me!