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The Rules
1)Absolutely no profanity.........I have virgin ears and I don't want them singed with obscenities
2)No playing God.Besides maybe lulling another character to sleep you may not control the actions of others or be all powerful(no weaknesses)
3)No sex.......need I mention my virgin ears...... er eyes again?^_^
4)You must participate at least once a week in the game(unless you have a real good excuse)
5)You must know a bit about your character....or enough to bluff your way through::grin::
6)No abusing another player withought cause.I really don't like fighting so try to get along
                     The first time you break a rule you will be reprimanded  the second
             you will be suspended from the  game for a week and the third time you
             will  expelled from the game.Please don't break the rules 'cause I really
             hate being mean^_^!

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