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Birth and Rebirth
(Sailor Saturn)
Anime                                Manga
Small super deformed saturn Hotaru kind of floating
Cute head shot of Sailor Saturn Head shot of Hotaru holding some flowers next to her face
Hotaru dressed all in black hugging herself and looking sad Sailor Saturn's face on a blurred background
A sweet pic of Hotaru as a little girl Sailor Saturn in front of a blurry background(again)
One of the best pics of Sailor Saturn that I have ever seen Saturn with wings and HUGE eyes
Hotaru as a child in a blue towel Pretty shot of Saturn on a really colorful background
A really good pic of Saturn surrounded by red,I don't know exactly what it is though it may be fire Profile of Saturn
Hotaru as a little girl shouting Funny pic of Hotaru drinking
Hotaru winking with Diana,Artemis,and Luna on her shoulders