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         This is just a funny little thing I thought of.I wanted to interview Setsuna and this is kind of a fanfiction interview fantasy in which I ask Setsuna wierd and funny question that are just plain silly!This is really short but you can send in your 
questions too!

SailorNova:"If you were a fruit,what would you be?"
Setsuna:" apple cause it's red"
SailorNova:"If you could live anywhere,where would you live"
Setsuna::blushes:::"With Mamoru"
SailorNova::grins::"What would you do if you had a million dollars?"
Setsuna:"Give it back,what do I need money for?"
SailorNova:"How do you think world peace could be gained"
Setsuna:"I think everyone should remember what history has taught us,what time has done to the universe and realize that war never solves anything"
SailorNova:"If you were a lipstick color,what color would you be?"
Setsuna:"Peach,it looks really sweet"
SailorNova:"What's the perfect age?"
SailorNova:"What's Chibi-Usa really like?"
Setsuna:"She's pretty nice but a bit high strung at times"

:::more questions soon,as you send them in.Just email your questions
to me and I'll tell you when I put them up and answer them::::