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About Us
                         I am Sailor Nova and this is my little corner of the
                    Sailor Moon Universe.If you've been to visit me in the
                    last month you'll notice some changes.If you like the
                   changes and or have anything else to say please sign my
                   guestbook.I love to get signatures.Please do not take
                   my logo,I worked hard on it.Enjoy my page and have fun!
                     This page is on an anime(japanimation)cartoon named
                    Sailor Moon which is based on the manga(japanese comic)
                    Pretty Soldiers.It's about this fourteen year old lazy,
                    clutzy,chicken named Serena(Sailor Moon).It follows her
                    life and times as she fights the negaverse with her
                    friends and allies(Sailors Mars,Jupiter,Mercury,Pluto
                    Saturn,Neptune.Chibi chibi,Chibi Moon,Tuxedo Mask,Elios,
                    and anyone else I missed).Tuxedo Mask is Serena's love
                    and she eventually(after much confusion) marries him
                    and has Chibi Moon(Rini).
                       I have started an Elios/Pegasus fan club and a realm
                    of elysion webring.Please click on Rini's Corner and join.
                    I am giving out three awards:My six star award which is
                    really hard to get,My Kewl Site award,which is easy to
                    get,and My Supreme Good award,which is moderatly easy
                    to get.Please apply for them.They are on Lita's page
                    of awards.I love giving out awards.I made some Sailor
                    Moon Graphics for ya'll to use.Just follow the link
                    below.All I ask is that if you use any of my graphics
                    you give me credit for them and link me.I made a banner
                    for you to link me with.It's on the Link Me! page.
                        I made this page because I like Sailor Moon and I
                    wanted to share that so I hoe you like it........^_^
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