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Legend:SS=Sailor Springer FE=Fish Eye TS=Tsukino Usagi TM=Mamoru(Tudexo Mask)MN=Minako
Sailor Springer:"Welcome,senshi to the Sailor Springer Show!!Today's topic: Transvestite's and the men they love.Let's meet our first guest,Fish Eye!" 
:::fish eye comes out and waves at SS(sailor springer):::: 
Fish Eye:"Hi Sailor Springer" 

Fish Eye: 
Transvestite villian extrordinaire 

Sailor Springer:"You came today to confess a crush?" 
Fish Eye:"Oh yes,I just met the most gorgeous guy..........he has it all:looks,charm,personality,and a tush to die for!" 
SS:"Does he know you are a man?" 
:::FE blushes and looks embaressed::: 
FE:" and he kinda has a girlfriend" 
:::the audiance boos::: 
SS:"Now now,let's hear the whole story" 
FE:"Well,I met him one day and could'nt take my eyes off him for a minute.Then I found out he had a girlfriend but I wanted him anyway.I'm more of a woman than she will ever be.I kissed him several times but he was always whining that "usagi was the only one for him.Today,I am going to confront her and win my man!" 
SS:"OK let's meet this man you are so in love with,come on out" 
:::Mamoru comes out and everyone cheers,he sits down and FE moves his chair until it's closer to his::: 
FE:"I have to tell you something........I'm in love with you and I think you should leave Usagi for me." 
:::Mamoru looked suprised and embaressed,just then Usagi comes out from the back,running.She runs up to FE and smacks him hard.They get into it until security comes up and seperates them::: 
Usagi(breathing hard):"You'll never take him from me you freak" 

Tsukino Usagi: 
Tm's girlfriend 

FE:"Yes I will,your old news and I'm on the front page" 
SS:"Don't you have something else to tell him,Fish Eye?" 
FE:"Um,er...I am really,in actuality not a woman at all" 
TS:"What are you,a dog?" 
FE:"I'll take a bit out of you!" 
SS:"Calm down now and finish" 
FE:"I'm a man" 

Just found out that he kissed a 

TS(laughing):"I always knew you were a freak" 
FE:"Shut up!" 
:::::FE rushes TS,TM seperates them and starts hitting FE,they are seperated again by security:::::: 
SS:"Usagi,I see you also brought a friend who knows something about FE" 
TS(smiles):"Yeah.....and you'll all be very suprised" 
:::Minako comes out and sits by TS::: 
Minako:"I know something about that freak over there......he's not really human at all,he's a fish" 
FE:"You...beep beep beep beep,I oughta beep your beep beep and beep beep your beep" 
::::FE stands up and smiles::::: 
:::a table appears beheind MN::: 
:::MN is strapped to the table::: 
:::MN's dream mirror appears and just as FE leans in to look in it TS sluggs him and FE goes down,unconscious::: 
SS:"Let's get to the audience's questions" 
:::Makoto waves her hand frantically and SS gives her the mike::: 
Makoto:"I think Usagi should kick that Mamoru to the curb for kissing that nasty fish" 
Usagi:"Nope,he's my soul mate but he will have some heavy explaining to do!" 

Final Thought 

SS:"Don't kiss a fish unless your sure it's a girl"
Tune in next week to Sailor Springer.Our topic will be:Stop Stalking me(Molly and Melvin)
Legend:SS=Sailor Springer FE=Fish Eye TS=Tsukino Usagi TM=Mamoru(Tudexo Mask)MN=Minako