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     Tuxedo Kamen(Mask): 
     Name:Chiba Mamoru
     Age(in manga):17(in 11th grade)
     Age(in anime):20
     Favorite Colors:Black 
     Birthday:August 3
     Blood Type:A
      Tuxedo Kamen(Mask) is one of the only main  characters in Sailor Moon that are male.He's
 cute,brave,and has more charm then he knows what to do with.He was the prince of earth in a 
 past life which would probably make him Sailor Earth and I bet he'd look just spiffy in his little
 sailor suit ::grin::.He was Sailor Moon's love in a past life and died trying to protect her(what a  
 guy!).Mamoru is also known as Prince Endymion,Tsukikage no Knight(moon shadow knight),
 Tuxedo Kamen,and Evil Prince Endymion.He is the father of Chibi Usa.I like him because he
 has style and is really smart.Mamoru can act a bit stupid sometimes(especially around Sailor
 Moon) but overall he is a cool guy with his heart in the right place.  

Rose Toss: 
He throws a red rose that stuns or distracts the 
enemy for a moment.When he throws the rose petals 
first it stuns the enemy.When he throws them stem
first it cuts the enemy. 
Uses it as a sword and sometimes spins it to deflect
Used in the Sailor MoonS movie where he hit a 
snow dancer in the head,kind of a special move.
Does'nt this remind you of that guy in the James
Bond movie that used to kill with his hat?^_^ 
Helps shield him and others and helps him jump 
high and glide through the air. 
Spinning Roses: 
Mamoru throws two roses connected by the 
stem which spins and hits the target. 
Saber(Moonlight Knight): 
Used like a reguler saber 
Sword(Prince Endymion): 
Used like a reguler sword 

My Opinion:   
"Tuxie is sort of an aquired taste!I liked
him a little at first but then he got a 
little wierd with the amnesia thing,then
the dream thing.Most of the time he
seems more confused than Usagi.I
realy liked him in the manga,though he
seemed more suave,charming,ect...."