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     Sailor Venus: 
     Name:Aino Minako
     Favorite Colors:Yellow and Red 
     Birthday:October 22 
     Blood Type:B 
     Hobbies:chasing after idols  
        The star of the show.Minako  was the first senshi to be discovered and the last inner 
 senshi to join the senshi team.She burst in on the scene like a  movie star and has dazzled
 fans ever since.Her pretty face hides a cunning mind and a killer right hook.She is a bubbly,
 friendly,girl who absolutely adores the male population.Minako's an eternal optomist and is 
 most affiliated with the element of air(from what I can gather) and love.Perhaps thats why
 she is seen as a bit of an airhead.She was princess of the Planet Venus in her past life.I 
 love her Sailor V manga pics,she looks so cool in them.She is an extremely kind person 
 who loves to help out.I think Minako is the nicest senshi and she is the most like Sailor

Venus Crescent Beam Smash: 
Venus says"Venus Crescent Beam" and two 
crescent moons interlock and then she says
"Smash" and a beam of light shoots out and 
hits the enemy. 
Venus Crescent Beam Shower: 
This attack is kinda like a supercharged 
Crescent Beam Smash.Instead of the beam 
hitting the enemy it breaks up and shoots
balls of light at the enemy. 
Venus Love Chain Encircle: 
This attack consits of a chain of linked
hearts that either hits or holds the enemy. 
Venus Love and Beauty Shock: 
This attack is her coolest and most powerful.
She blows a kiss that turns into a gold heart 
which flies at the enemy to destroy them. 

My Opinion:   
"Sailor Venus can sometimes confuse me but I
like her because she is really a nice person.I
also liked her whole Sailor V thing with the mask
and everything.She's kinda a drama queen but
never cruel with it."